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The Practice Management Index

The Practice Management Index, or the PMI for short, is a multiple choice assessment that explores 18 Focus Areas of your business that are all centered on Practice Management, Relationship Management and Business Planning. Your PMI Score and Report will help you better understand your Opportunity Gaps, and what action steps you can take now to address them.

It was developed by a team with extensive experience in the Financial Services Industry, and who have worked with 1000's of advisors over the last 25 plus years. Our team is dedicated to giving you the most accurate assessment of your business so that you can thrive in this competitive landscape.


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Your score and results for each section will be available in a downloadable pdf report as soon as you complete the PMI. Included in the report will be the action items you can focus on, and the gaps the PMI uncovered, to help drive the enterprise value of your business.
Step 3 - Report
Increase the enterprise value of your business

The PMI Assessment includes 18 Focus Areas covering varying aspects of your business. Each of these Focus Areas fall under one of six categories: Productivity & Efficiency, Client Experience, Branding & Marketing, Client Success, Team Dynamics, and Strategy & Planning. The PMI will help identify where in your business you might have untapped opportunities or overlooked vulnerabilities in each of these areas. The Categories and Focus Areas are listed below in more detail:

Opportunity Report
PMI Score /10
Breakdown for all 18 Business Focus Areas /100
Detailed Report Summary:
Gain clarity on your
Opportunity Gaps
Always Free
Breakdown Report
Detailed list of specific action
items you can address,
based on your PMI answers
Six core Practice Management Pillar Scores /10
Implementation Tool to assist
you as you work through your Opportunity Gaps
$99 USD
Most Actionable
PMI Gap Analysis
Step 1: Gap Analysis Questionnaire
Step 2: Two deep dive consultations with
Pareto Systems
Step 3: Critical Path,
Customized Action Plan
$1,000 USD
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